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A baby clinic in your pocket.

 Milestones Tracking Paediatric Monitoring = Peace of Mind

of our brain develops between the ages of 0-5

Hera believes that every child deserves the best chances in life.


While most health systems around the globe are not designed to support routine health and development interactions. We are.

With Hera you will:

  • Track your child's developmental milestones.

  • Log a journal where you can share your child's journey and ask any development related questions you might have.

  • Have Paediatric professionals monitor your profile  monthly.

  • Receive a tailored report with your child's monthly paediatric assessment.

  • In the future, our users will enjoy advanced AI tools analysing  voices, actions and behaviours.

Milestone  Tracking

Every child grows and develops at an individual pace. Ensuring that your child's development is on track is one of the most important tasks a parent holds. It is also an area that gives us many sleepless nights and anxiety that we never imagined possible.

Hera uses data from The World Health Organisation, the CDC, the EYFS framework, leading academic institutions and our R&D team; to create an app with the best monitoring available. By doing so we are ensuring that your child's social. emotional, cognitive, linguistic, motor & movement skills- are being monitored safely. 

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Paediatric Monitoring

Every child is unique.

Hera's professional team reviews your child's journey monthly by taking into account milestone inputs and your written journal.  We will soon be implementing AI analysis that includes video, audio and language processing. 

Regardless of where your child is on their development journey, Hera's professionals will provide you with a monthly report, helping your child reach their full potential, and providing you with ease of mind that you are doing your best for them. Should our team have any concerns about your little one's development, we will create a plan tailored to your child and assess again at 2-3 week intervals.*

Peace of Mind

As parents, we look forward to our child's "firsts". First hand grip. First smile .First crawl. First reaction to their name. First foot steps. Then comes our first worry moment...

Hera will help you:

  • Parent with a mental ease by enabling you to ask our professionals about any concerns you may have.

  •  Parent with confidence-we are doing the monitoring for you.

  • Enjoy the joyful moments.

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"Using Hera, is not only your way to do good for your child, but you are doing good for society by advancing the knowledge in early years research." 

80% of our brain develops between the ages of 0-5,  making this period of time a critical window to target therapeutic innovations. What development delays can be spotted and treated early? How can we reduce pressure on the health system? Can we lower the financial burden on governments due to lost opportunity related to late diagnostics? 

Every time you use Hera, your data is anonymised and added to a data set meant for usage by our R&D team, research laboratories, universities and organisations- all trying to better the field of early years through science.

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